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Cyclone separator design

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Cyclone separator design

For the deposition of sulphur contents in the exhaust Air, We have carried the process design and mechanical design for the cyclone separator.


Process design (Thermal) :
Thermal design calculation for the maintenance of wall temperature of cyclone @ 125 Deg C, To grab Sulphur particles on the wall. For heating purpose we have provided steam jacket along the length of the vessel. As a special case, Jackets been provided on inner & outer surface of the core shell. which gave good performance in sulphur deposition.


Mechanical design : (PV Elite)
We have carried mechanical design calculations for the jacket and core shell using PV Elite 2019. Here MAWP of the each component were established and complete loop of steam side and shell side tested separately for lowest MAWP x 1.3. For end closures, we have provided additional stiffeners to increase governing MAWP.

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