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2.Feb, 2022 0

PV Elite 2022

Venvel Designers presently renewed PV Elite license for 2022 version PV 24. To enable seamless service for ASME Sec VIII Div 1, 2021 code edition and its new Material data base. Hence, Clients can use our 2021 code version services upon demands.

2.May, 2020 0

PV Elite 2020

Venvel Designers presently renewed PV Elite license for 2020 version. To enable seamless service for ASME Sec VIII Div 1, 2019 code edition and its new Material data base. Hence, Clients can use our 2019 code version services upon demands. Also, We are happy to announce our Mechanical design capability…

11.Aug, 2019 0

Vessel design PV Elite

Venvel Thermal & Mechanical designers, Designs Equipment of complex geometry with different cross sections used for process connections as separators, eliminators, deaerators, Exchangers using our latest version of PV Elite.       In addition to PV Elite calculations, We offer FEA analysis for coded construction of vessels. Our engineers…

11.Aug, 2019 0

Cyclone separator design

For the deposition of sulphur contents in the exhaust Air, We have carried the process design and mechanical design for the cyclone separator.   Process design (Thermal) : Thermal design calculation for the maintenance of wall temperature of cyclone @ 125 Deg C, To grab Sulphur particles on the wall….

28.Dec, 2018 0

ASME Section VIII Class 1 pressure vessels

We offer efficient and low cost designs based on ASME Sec VIII Div 2, class 1. which allows end user to buy it 20% less then ASME Sec VIII Div 1 vessels.   This is possible by means of choice of Inspections, based on Division 2. It costs not more…

22.Dec, 2018 0

Renewal of PV Elite License

For the uninterrupted design services for our reputed clients, We have renewed our PV Elite License this week.   With updated software options, we can submit mechanical design calculations for Heat exchangers and Pressure Vessels with in a day time using PV Elite for detailed design and Can do it…

20.Mar, 2018 0

Export order from United Kingdom

With potential of Engineering know-how, We Venvel Thermal & Mechanical Designers have engaged in technological tie up with England based Multi national Firm for their requirement of heat exchanger design and drawings.   With continuing technical support to them, we have an mentionable business potential of _ GBP (Great Britain pounds) around the…

13.Jan, 2016 0

Design of Oxygen therapy chambers

Venvel Thermal & Mechanical Designers presently involved in the project called Oxygen therapy chambers, Which is used in Specialty hospitals for critical treatments and general physical care. These chambers are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Division 1 as a pressure vessel along with additional code of ASME PVHO-1, i.e…

31.Dec, 2015 0

Seal gas after cooler design

Venvel Thermal & Mechanical Designers are now engaged in the Research Cum design for the Seal gas after cooler equipment for steel plant along with mist elimination units and Electrical & Electronic connections.     The very purpose of the equipment will be understood with process of steel making using…

30.Nov, 2015 0

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