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 Detail Engineering Solutions:

  • Preparation of Equipment Layout Drawings, Equipment General Arrangement Drawings as listed above.
  • Preparation of P&ID Drawings.
  • Preparation of Detail Fabrication Drawings for all the above mechanical equipment’s.
  • Preparation of Technical Datasheets, Technical Specifications & Technical Delivery Conditions for the items mentioned in design services.
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials.

Other Package Design Solutions : 

  • Design of Ducting System
  • Cold Air/Hot Air/Flue Gas Ducts Sizing & Detail Engineering.
  • Sizing & Selection of Duct Supports (Fixed & Spring Supports).
  • Duct Stiffener Sizing & Selection.
  • Sizing & Selection of Dampers (Manual/Motorized/Pneumatic Operated).
  • Sizing & Selection of Flow elements (Orifice meter/Aerofoil/Pitot tubes).
  • Sizing & Selection of Expansion Bellows.
  • Design of steel structures for Process/Power equipments supporting as per ASCE Codes.
  • Design of Piping System for Power / Process Plants.