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Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers & Thermal equipment’s :

We, Venvel Thermal & Mechanical Designers follow universally accepted thermal design practice as follows:

  1. Collection of temperature & flow requirements from customer.
  2. Calculating opposite side temperature & flow details.
  3. LMTD calculation.
  4. Selection of material.
  5. Velocity approximation based on fluid and material used.
  6. Surface area calculation.
  7. Arriving number of tubes & sizing of Shell, Tube sheet, Headers, inlet & outlet .
  8. Final verification by any external agency or HTRI.

 Types of thermal design packages:  

  • Shell and Tube Design
  • Air cooled Heat Ex Design
  • Condensers Design
  • U tube Bundle Design
  • Kettle Re-Boiler Design
  • Oil Coolers Design
  • LP / HP Heaters Design