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Seal gas after cooler design

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Seal gas after cooler design

Venvel Thermal & Mechanical Designers are now engaged in the Research Cum design for the Seal gas after cooler equipment for steel plant along with mist elimination units and Electrical & Electronic connections.



The very purpose of the equipment will be understood with process of steel making using seal gas.



Nowadays, Coal extracted from mines are not only processed for moisture, instead coal powers are made into fuel gas using appropriate technology. The generated coal gas is used directly for steel melting purposes. In this process, coal gas (Also called seal gas in some corporate models) is cooled to certain temperature to ensure steady and continuous heat supply to the furnace, using the Seal gas after cooler. In the mean time mist particles with in the gas is eliminated using mist eliminator unit working on variable temperature mode.



Venvel Thermal & Mechanical designers have immense experience in carrying this type of projects from Jan 2011 of this century. So, We hope to complete the project by as early as possible, and fixed our time line of 20 days.



Thanks for sharing your time with us.




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